What are the size limits for adding fields? Which file formats can I upload?

Some of our Atfarm functions have a technical limit for the field size. Please keep this in mind when adding your fields to Atfarm.



Maximum field size


When you draw or upload a field to Atfarm, the field can be at maximum


1,500 ha


If you upload field boundaries and several fields are in one file, the total number of hectares can of course exceed this number. But a single field may not exceed 1,500 ha.


By limiting the field size, we can guarantee high-resolution Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) maps. A VRA map shows application pixels in form of squares or dots representing the center of a 20 x 20 m square (spatial resolution of the pixels from the satellite data). This design allows you to still see the biomass of your field though the pixels.


The scaling of the squares depends on the field size. The larger your field, the larger the scaling (20 x 20 m, 40 x 40 m, 60 x 60 m, 80 x 80 m, etc.). The larger the scaling, the lower the spatial resolution of the pixels from the satellite data. Hence, we limit the field size to 1,500 ha to guarantee accurate VRA maps.



Maximum file size and file formats


When you upload a file with your field boundaries, the maximum file size is


6 MB


You can upload a single field boundary in one file or multiple field boundaries in one file using the file formats below. You can select and upload one file per upload process.




Must include

Could include

.zip Shapefile

A .zip archive file can be a Shapefile which must contain 4 file types to upload correctly.

One Shapefile can contain zero, one, or multiple field boundaries. Atfarm will notify you if the file contains zero boundaries.


.sbx .fbn .ain .aih .ixs .mxs .atx .xml .cpg .qix

.zip archive file

A .zip file can be an archive file containing multiple field boundary data file types.

Any of these file formats can be one or multiple field boundaries.

sam .xml


Single file uploads

Any of these file formats can be one or multiple field boundaries.

sam .xml




Minimum field size



Crop monitoring


You can check the biomass status of your field with recent satellite images and biomass layers in Atfarm when your field is at least


100 m² = 0.01 ha


Smaller field sizes are not supported by our satellite data provider.



Variable N-Rate Application (VRA)


We use satellite images to calculate a vegetation index for creating VRA maps. For creating these maps in Atfarm, your field must have a minimum size of


10,000 m² = 1 ha


This size is the technical requirement of our boundary handling algorithm powered by our Yara N-Sensor technology. As satellite pixels at the boundaries of your field may contain mixed information, we need to exclude these from the calculations. This is the case for every pixel that is not completely in the field. Mixed information means the satellite pixel does not only contain data from the field, but also from adjacent structures like roads, grass paths, waterways or trees. This data is biased and cannot be used for precision fertilization. Our boundary handling algorithm replaces satellite pixel data that is not completely in the field by the average of the neighboring pixels that are completely in the field. 

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