Advisor: How can I add another client?

Add another client to your account as follows:


  1. Log in to Atfarm.
  2. Web: Click Create new client in the client overview. / Mobile: Click the + button in the client overview.
  3. Enter your client's first and last name in the first input fields.
  4. Mobile: Optionally enter a client ID in the next input field.
  5. Enter your client's email address in the next input field.
  6. Web: Click Continue to proceed. / Mobile: Click Continue to farm creation to proceed.
  7. We've sent an email to the client's email address to inform them that you've added them as a client. This is for information only and doesn't create an Atfarm account for the client.
  8. Web: Enter the farm name and optionally add farm notes. / Mobile: We've created the farm Farm 01 and assigned it to your client. You can of course change the farm name.
  9. Web: Click Continue to create the client's farm.
  10. We've sent an invitation to the client's email address.
  11. The client must click Accept invitation in the email to accept the invitation and join the farm.
  12. The Atfarm welcome page will open. If the client already has an Atfarm account, they should log in now. If they don't have an Atfarm account, they will need to register an account first.
  13. The client's farm will appear in their account's farm overview.
  14. You'll receive an email from us as soon as the invited user joins you on Atfarm.


You can now add fields to your client's farm or add more farms to a client.

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