Release notes – What is new in the Atfarm web app?

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November 2023


Version: Atfarm web V2.216.0



Bug fixes


Crop satellite monitoring

  • Zoom controls not working in biomass comparison view.


Variable N-Rate Application (VRA)

  • If a raster map is edited with the brush editor, the export button becomes unclickable.



October 2023


Version: Atfarm web V2.213.0



Bug fixes


Crop satellite monitoring

  • If the N-uptake varies only slightly within the field, the average N-uptake for the day is not calculated correctly.



August 2023


Version: Atfarm web V2.208.0



Bug fixes


Field management

  • When in a farm's field list and Google Translate is running in the Google Chrome browser, the Atfarm web app crashes.



July 2023


Version: Atfarm web V2.206.0



Bug fixes


Field management

  • User cannot cancel field editing process after uploading a .kmz file.

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