How can I compare the biomass of my field over time?

Once you've added your field, you can access historical, cloud-free satellite imagery, apply different biomass layers to view in-field variability, and use the biomass comparison view to


  • Compare your field's biomass between different dates
  • Visualize changes in your field's biomass over time
  • Check field development after fertilizer application and plan further applications
  • Identify anomalies in your field and discuss possible measures



Compare the biomass of your field as follows:


  1. Log in to Atfarm from your desktop browser.
    • Biomass comparison is only available in the desktop app, not in the Atfarm mobile app.
  2. Select the desired farm in the farm overview.
  3. Select the desired field in the field overview.
  4. Click on the Biomass comparison tile at the bottom right of the map to open the biomass comparison view.
  5. You can see 2 maps showing the field with a biomass layer applied to the satellite image taken on each of the selected dates.
  6. Click on the date boxes above each map and select the map dates you want to compare from the calendar that opens.
    • Only dates with cloud-free satellite images can be selected and are marked with a sun symbol.
  7. Click on the map layer tile in the bottom right corner to select different biomass layers to be applied to view in-field variability.
  8. Click Close view to exit the biomass comparison view and return to the field page.

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