What is required to use the N-Tester?

App and account


Please download the free Atfarm mobile app from the common app stores on your mobile device. The nitrogen recommendation will be displayed in the Atfarm mobile app after the N-Tester measurement. A free Atfarm account is required to use the Atfarm mobile app. Read here how to register an account.



Farm and field


Please add your farms and fields to Atfarm. You can then access a field in the Atfarm mobile app and start the N-Tester measurement. All nitrogen recommendations received will be stored under the field so you can easily check them at any time.


Available calibrations for crops, varieties and measurement methods vary by country and even region. Add a crop type and variety to your field to ensure N-Tester Recommendations are supported in your region. Atfarm automatically shows what features are available for your field based on crop type, variety and region. Therefore, adding your crop type and variety to each field in Atfarm well before you take an N-Tester BT reading will help you avoid frustration later in the season.


An overview of supported crops and growth stages can be found here.



Bluetooth® wireless technology – N-Tester BT only


The N-Tester BT is easily connected to the Atfarm mobile app via Bluetooth® wireless technology. The collected N-Tester values from the measurements are sent from the N-Tester BT to the Atfarm mobile app and converted into a nitrogen recommendation. Please enable Bluetooth® wireless technology in the settings of your mobile device. Read here how to connect the N-Tester BT to the Atfarm mobile app.



GPS position


As N-Tester Recommendations are not only crop specific, but also country and region specific, we need to know where your fields are located. For this reason, the Atfarm mobile app asks for your location. Please allow GPS tracking when asked.


By taking regional conditions into account in the calculations, we can give you accurate nitrogen recommendations. Every year we carry out field trials with different crops in different locations, so we can learn about regional conditions and include them in the calculations.



Internet connection


An internet connection is required to download the Atfarm mobile app, to register, and to synchronize the measurement results with your Atfarm account for viewing them in the Atfarm web app on your desktop browser. For the N-Tester measurement itself, you only need an internet connection to download a satellite map of your field so that we can guide you to the appropriate biomass zones on your field. You can go offline again when taking the measurements with the N-Tester.



The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Yara International ASA is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

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