How can I get a 1 year free subscription? Which subscription plans are available in the USA?

To optimise your fertilisation even further, you can subscribe to our Variable N-Rate Application plan and you will be able to create and use an unlimited number of VRA maps for your fields. All subscriptions taken out in 2024 are free of charge for the first year.



Subscribe by proceeding as follows:



1) Log in to Atfarm


Log in to your Atfarm account in your desktop browser. Subscribing is only possible in our desktop app, not in our Atfarm mobile app or website.


If you do not have an Atfarm account yet, please register a free Atfarm account.



2) Visit the upgrade page


Once you have logged in to Atfarm, click on UPGRADE in the left navigation bar. If you cannot see an upgrade button, please make sure that you have set the USA as your country in the account settings.



3) Choose your plan


On the upgrade page you can see available subscription plans. Scroll down further to compare the plans. Select the desired plan by clicking ACTIVATE WITH CODE below the plan.



4) Activate your plan


Proceed with the checkout process and enter the requested information and the activation code. You can request an activation code from your local Yara advisor. Click on CONTINUE AND ACTIVATE to activate the 1 year free subscription. A window opens to confirm the activation of your chosen subscription.


Our subscriptions are active for a period of 1 year and automatically renewed if not cancelled. We will let you know well in advance when your plan is due for renewal. You can also find the expiry date of your subscription in the Atfarm web app in your account overview.


You can cancel your subscription at any time up to the day it expires. Please read here how to proceed.

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