What is required to use Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps? Is my equipment compatible?

For fertilizing with Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps you created in Atfarm, please make sure to have the following equipment:


  1. GPS receiver
  2. Terminal capable of processing Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps
  3. Spreader capable of receiving rate control commands from your terminal. Most new spreaders from brands such as John Deere, Trimble, Kverneland, Amazone, Sulky, Bogballe, Bredal and Rauch are VRA ready.


You can check whether your equipment is VRA-compatible and request a test file from our support team. Please tell us in your request which fertilizer spreader and terminal you are using. We will send you the file and instructions, so that you can quickly check the compatibility.


You can also get in contact with your technician, local dealer of farm machinery or equipment manufacturer to be sure about the compatibility of your equipment.

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