What is Atfarm? How can Atfarm support me?

Atfarm is a modular digital tool that comes as a free web app with an additional free mobile app allowing you to use Atfarm anywhere, anytime. With our precision farming tool Atfarm, we help you optimize your nitrogen fertilization, increase yields and save costs.


We at Yara have developed Atfarm for you farmers and advisors to




Monitor crop growth with satellite images and our unique biomass layers to make informed decisions and plan your applications



Create Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps and fertilize variably


Register your free Atfarm account and choose your role: farmer or advisor. Now you can create unlimited farms and add fields to the farms by uploading or drawing them.


As a farmer, you create your own farms and fields and can invite collaborators, for example staff, to your farms for easy collaboration.


As an advisor, you add your clients and map their farms. Your clients are added to their farms and can create their own farmer account and view their fields and recommendations. Advisors can also add collaborators to farms as the farmer role can.


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