How can I transfer application maps to my terminal?

Once you've exported the application map from Atfarm, you can transfer the map to your terminal.



Before you start, please make sure your terminal and spreader can process Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps:


  • Read here what is required to use Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps.
  • If necessary, update the terminal to avoid file errors. For some terminals, the ability to process application maps was introduced in a later software version.
  • Some terminals require a licence in the software to use application maps.
  • Some terminals require you to adjust the settings before you can use application maps.



Upload the application map to your terminal as follows:


  1. Extract the downloaded ZIP folder.
    • Most terminals require unzipped files. A few terminals require zipped files, for example Valtra. In this case, please skip this step.
    • Windows: Right-click the ZIP folder and select Extract All, then click Browse to select the location where you want to extract the folder, and then click Extract.
    • Mac: Double-click the ZIP folder. The newly extracted folder will appear in the same folder.
  2. Store the extracted files from the unzipped folder on an empty USB drive.
  3. Connect the USB drive to your terminal.
  4. Load the files from the USB drive.
  5. The zones of the application map will appear on the terminal screen and the application rate will be set.



Can't upload the file?

Please contact your technician, local dealer, manufacturer, or contact our support team. Please let us know what terminal and spreader you're using and provide us with the files you're trying to upload.

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