How can I compare biomass over time?

You can access historic cloud-free satellite images and select different biomass layers to show the in-field variability with our biomass comparison feature to



Compare biomass of your field between different dates


Visualise changes in biomass in your field over time


Check field development after fertiliser application and plan further applications


Identify anomalies in your field and discuss possible measures



This way you can compare the biomass of your field:


  1. Log in to Atfarm.
  2. Select a farm.
  3. Select a field.
  4. The field view opens. Click on the BIOMASS COMPARISON tile in the lower right corner of the map.BM-comparebiomass1.png
  5. The biomass comparison page opens. Select 2 dates for which you want to compare the biomass. Only dates with cloud-free satellite images are listed.BM-comparebiomass2.png
  6. Click on the map layer tile in the bottom right corner to select different biomass layers. Read here about the different biomass layers and which to choose for your purposes.BM-comparebiomass3.png
  7. The view changes and shows the selected biomass layer.BM-comparebiomass4.png
  8. Click on CLOSE VIEW to exit the biomass comparison mode and go back to field view.

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