I received a faulty N-Tester BT.

If your received N-Tester BT is not working properly, you can use these instructions to troubleshoot the device. If the N-Tester BT is damaged or you have not been able to troubleshoot it, please contact our support team.


To help you more quickly, please tell us:


  • Operating system (Android or iOS) and software version
  • Serial number of your N-Tester BT
  • Detailed description of the issue


In case we need to troubleshoot the device at our premises or replace it, please also provide us with the information listed to speed up the process:


  • Pick-up address
  • Phone number we can contact you on
  • Schedule of at least 3 hours and the days you are available


One of our associates in the area will pick up the device from you.

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