What is soil analysis in Atfarm? Why should I add soil analyses?

Soil analysis is a free to use feature in Atfarm.



Generate precise nutrition plans


Soil analysis upload and creation capabilities in Atfarm allow you to easily add and use your personalised lab analysis results to generate a nutrition plan for your field. Using the latest soil analysis data will ensure the Nutrition Plan is personalised to your crop needs and state of soil fertility.


Read here about how soil analysis is used to create nutrition plans in Atfarm.



Add soil analysis results


You can add soil data to Atfarm by uploading lab files or manually entering the values. If you do not provide soil data, we still have regional soil values to calculate recommendations in the nutrition plan. But to be more precise, we recommend adding your own values. 


Learn here how to add and manage soil analyses.



Review and plan – soil summary


As Atfarm tracks your soil fertility over time, it will be the go-to place for reviewing historical soil fertility trends and planning future testing. We store your analysis results and aggregate this information so you can easily find it one place.


Read here to learn about the soil summary.

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