How is soil analysis used to create nutrition plans?

Instead of using Atfarm default values for the region, we can use your specific soil values for generating nutrition plans. We store and parse all your added soil analysis records and find the latest ones compiled in a soil summary for a field. This allows us to efficiently interpret soil health and generate an even more precise nutrition plan for your field, which caters to the soil requirements for your target yield.


During the nutrition plan creation, you can choose which soil analysis nutrient values should be considered in the calculation of your nutrition plan. Choose between the Atfarm default values for your region or select the soil analysis summary, that contains the latest soil values after reviewing all analyses assigned to that field.




The soil analysis nutrient values can be found at the bottom of your nutrition plan in the LEARN MORE section under SOIL ANALYSIS NUTRIENT VALUES.


Read here to learn how soil nutrients are interpreted by Atfarm.

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