What interpretations/classifications are available for soil nutrients? Why is a soil nutrient not interpreted?

We provide interpretations based on available soil analysis extraction method and unit to accurately classify soil nutrients.



Soil nutrient interpretations in the nutrition plan


In the Nutrition Plan, you can find the soil analysis nutrient values at the end of the overview in the tab 'Soil Analysis nutrient values'.



Nutrient interpretations based on soil summary data


The soil summary contains the latest lab analysis results you have added for the field. If you use your soil summary data for soil nutrient interpretations, you will get a more precise recommendation.





Nutrient interpretations based on regional default soil values


You also have the option to use our default soil values for the region.





Uninterpreted soil nutrient values


Not all nutrients may be used or required for the nutrition plan creation for a specific crop type. Our agronomists determine how nutrients are interpreted based on best practice.


If we cannot interpret a soil nutrient value, because the extraction method is not supported yet, it is noted in the soil summary of the field. These soil nutrient values won't be considered for the nutrition plan creation.



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