How can the Atfarm mobile app support me? What is included?

The Atfarm mobile app gives you access to Atfarm on the go, providing nitrogen recommendations and serving as your terminal for Variable N-Rate Application (VRA).


Simply download the free Atfarm mobile app from the common app stores on your smartphone and tablet.


The Atfarm mobile app offers almost all the functionalities of the Atfarm web app, and you can use all features offline. An internet connection is only required for downloading the app and the registration process.


You can add your farms, invite users, and draw fields to include them in your farm. Uploading field boundaries as Shapefiles is possible in the Atfarm web app.


Some farm, field, and account settings can be adjusted in the Atfarm mobile app, while all settings are accessible and customisable in the Atfarm web app.



Find these functionalities in the Atfarm mobile app:



  • Draw fields: add fields to your farm by drawing field boundaries
  • Crop satellite monitoring: monitor crop growth with satellite images and Yara's unique biomass layers to make informed decisions and plan your applications
  • Variable N-Rate Application: export Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) Maps from the Atfarm web app to the Atfarm mobile app and turn your smartphone into a terminal and fertilise variably even without compatible equipment
  • N-Photo Analysis: analyse crop nitrogen demand in early growth stages with your smartphone camera and get nitrogen recommendations in the Atfarm mobile app
  • N-Tester Recommendations: analyse crop nitrogen demand in later growth stages with the Yara N-Tester and get nitrogen recommendations in the Atfarm mobile app



These functionalities are only available in the Atfarm web app:



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