How do I move from YaraIrix to Atfarm?

From now on you will find both our precision farming tools Atfarm and YaraIrix united in our Atfarm mobile app. All functionalities of YaraIrix can now be found in Atfarm along with other features to help you optimise your fertilisation.



How can I migrate to Atfarm?


Open the YaraIrix mobile app on your mobile device and follow the instructions. The migration should only take a few minutes. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection and the latest version of the app installed.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team.



What will happen to my data?


You will log in or create a new account in Atfarm where we will keep your data. If you have an active subscription, we will move your subscription status as well. When it comes to your previously created measurements, you have the choice to migrate them or not.



I have 2 accounts with different email addresses for YaraIrix and Atfarm. Can I merge them?


When you log in to the Atfarm mobile app within YaraIrix, we will migrate all your data to this account.



I do not have the YaraIrix app on my smartphone. Can I access Atfarm with my YaraIrix credentials?


No, the migration can only be triggered from the YaraIrix app. Please download and install the YaraIrix app on your smartphone to start the migration.



What effects does the migration have on my existing subscription?


The migration will not affect your current subscription. Your subscription status will be moved to Atfarm.



I have an N-Tester BT subscription. Will I have access to the Variable N-Rate Application (VRA) feature in Atfarm?


Your N-Tester BT subscription only enables you to have access to the N-Tester analysis module of Atfarm. You can upgrade to our bundle plan to get access to our Variable N-Rate Application feature. All our subscriptions are free for the first year.

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